austin family law


Unfortunately, divorces often bring out the worst in people. Divorce cases are emotional and painful for the parties, their children, and their families and friends. In addition, most families do not have resources to justify protracted and expensive litigation. Effective and successful resolution requires representation that is seasoned with experience and sensibility. I have represented parties in a number of divorce proceedings that cover the spectrum from friendly and sensible to difficult and bitter. My approach to family law is to first do everything possible to get the parties to a fair and reasonable resolution as cost effectively as possible; if that is unsuccessful, however, I am prepared to and capable of taking the case to trial and presenting a thorough and persuasive case on behalf of my client.

Child Custody

I have represented parties in a number of child custody cases and trials. As a divorced parent, I also have had the personal experience of what is involved and required to prepare and present a winning child custody case for deserving parents (and irrespective of their gender). Effective representation in child custody cases requires an attorney who is experienced, thorough, and realistic with respect to what evidence is persuasive and credible.

Domestic Violence

I have represented parties in cases involving domestic violence and in which I have successfully obtained protective orders on behalf of my clients. As a former assistant district attorney, I am also knowledgeable of the criminal aspects, considerations, and remedies involved in domestic violence situations.

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