The Law Offices of Brian W. Bishop

The Law Office of Brian W. Bishop represents clients in both the prosecution and defense of business and commercial matters arising out of or involving business transactions or relationships. Mr. Bishop also represents clients in family law.

Mr. Bishop has represented and continues to represent businesses and individuals in many different types of civil cases covering an extraordinary spectrum of subjects, contexts, and claims.

Mr. Bishop has been practicing law in Austin since October 1981. Mr. Bishop grew up in Austin, attended S. F. Austin High School, the University of Texas (BBA 1978) and the University School of Law (JD 1981). Mr. Bishop’s practice began as a prosecutor in the Travis County Attorney and Travis County District Attorney’s Office where Mr. Bishop prosecuted major crimes and career criminals. The Austin Police Association recognized Mr. Bishop and awarded him three commendations for his aggressive and successful prosecutions while in the Travis County District Attorney’s Office.

Profession and Peer Recognition for Excellence

Mr. Bishop is rated VERY HIGH TO PREEMINENT in legal ability ratings and VERY HIGH in general ethic standard ratings by the Martindale Hubbell peer review ratings for ethical standards and legal ability. These ratings are awarded only to lawyers that have “reached the height of professional excellence. He or she has usually practiced law for many years, and is recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity”.


Mr. Bishop provides personal attention and responsiveness to his clients and their cases. Mr. Bishop knows that litigation is very personal and critically important for clients, and understands the need to be accessible, available, and responsive. Mr. Bishop strives to obtain meaningful and cost effective results for his clients, and to “get to the point” and to resolution as resource and cost effectively as possible. Mr. Bishop understands that individuals and businesses usually do not have the resources to engage in protracted and expensive litigation, that litigation is often extremely time and resource expensive, and that most individuals and businesses are better served by either avoiding protracted litigation at the outset or getting to satisfactory resolution as expeditiously and as effectively as possible. Mr. Bishop also understands, however, that there are some matters in which and some parties with whom settlement on reasonable and acceptable terms simply is not possible, and those cases require aggressive and thorough development and prosecution.

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