Business Litigation – Trial Litigation

I have represented businesses and individuals in business – both as plaintiff and as defendant – in a substantial number of business litigation cases for over 25 years. The cases that I have handled include representing small to medium size businesses in “small” cases and also larger businesses in complex litigation involving millions of dollars in claims. I also understand and appreciate that litigation is usually a “black hole” that diverts enormous personal and financial resources that many businesses cannot afford. I encourage my business litigation clients to remain mindful of the business costs – both direct and indirect – involved in business litigation, but I also know that some cases require aggressive and thorough development and prosecution in order to get to successful resolution.

Contract Law – Contract Disputes

I have represented clients in many contract dispute cases for the past 25 years. While many contract disputes arise out of “oral” contracts or poorly written contracts, many disputes also arise out of well prepared and detailed written agreements. I encourage clients to do everything possible to document the specific terms and details of their agreement “on the front end” in order to minimize the prospect of future disagreement over terms, but I also advise my clients that a written agreement is only as good as the character of the party signing the agreement.

Contract Drafting

Having represented clients in disputes arising out of agreements – oral and written – for over 25 years, I have acquired special expertise in recognizing the terms and provisions that have the potential for either set – or preventing – future disputes.

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