Mr. Bishop has handled, developed, and prosecuted a number of high profile lawsuits involving millions of dollars in damages. The major and c omplex litigation cases that Mr. Bishop has handled include the following:

Palmer vs Maund

Mr. Bishop successfully represented the defendant business against claims which Mr. Bishop ultimately challenged so effectively and persuasively that the plaintiffs ultimately dismissed their lawsuit shortly before trial rather than risk liability for the defendant’s attorney’s fees based on the defendant’s counter-claim for filing and prosecuting frivolous claims.

Five K v. Ferguson

Mr. Bishop successfully represented the owner/landlord of a commercial building in its claims against the defendant for liability on a commercial lease. The defendant claimed that he was not individually liable under the lease.

Mr. Bishop developed convincing and persuasive proof that the defendant routinely used various corporate fictions to avoid personal liability and to divert corporate monies to his own benefit. Based on the evidence presented, the trial court entered final judgment against the defendant individually for $424,816.00 (Note: the defendant’s “outspent” Mr. Bishop almost “2-1” in attorney’s fees defending the case as compared to the attorney’s fees Mr. Bishop’s client incurred prosecuting the case).

In re: Christophe

Mr. Bishop successfully represented the father of two children in a child custody modification case against the mother. The trial court ordered that the father have primary custody of the children and that the mother pay child support to the father.

Bradley v. WLVC

Plaintiff sued defendant for professional malpractice. Mr. Bishop successfully represented the defendant in both defense of the malpractice claims and defendant’s counter-claim.

The trial court ultimately dismissed the plaintiff’s malpractice claims against defendant and entered judgment in favor of Mr. Bishop’s client in the amount of $48,000 in attorney’s fees incurred in prosecuting the defendant’s counter-claims against the plaintiffs.

Dunkle v. Austin United

Mr. Bishop successfully defended the defendant non-profit corporation in employment and breach of contract claims asserted by its former executive director. Mr. Bishop successfully developed evidence and legal authority which so undercut the plaintiff’s claims that the plaintiff ultimately dismissed his claims shortly before trial rather than risk liability to defendant based on defendant’s counter-claims.

Johnson Powers v. Kenter

Mr. Bishop successfully represented the plaintiff for claims to collect for monies owed for home construction and remodeling and in defense of the plaintiffs’ counter-claims. The jury ultimately awarded Mr. Bishop’s client 100% of the monies claimed and 100% of the attorney’s fees incurred, and ruled against the defendants on all of their counter-claims.

More Than 30 years Experience

Mr. Bishop has also represented clients in numerous and substantial jury, non-jury, and administrative/SOAH cases including arbitrations which resulted in arbitration awards totaling $9,000,000 in one case and over $81,000,000 in another case.

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